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Tweed Dog Coat

Cloth bought will be made in to your chosen garment as soon as possible. Please allow time if Massy-Birch has to request cloth from the mill as we don’t and can’t stock all cloth within the gallery! If cloth is delayed, we will be in contact to inform you or if by any chance cloth is discontinued, we will issue you a full refund.



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Product info

We are very excited to introduce our Tweed Waterproof Dog Coat!

Whether your dog is bouncing around in puddles or chasing sticks during those damp morning walks in the woods, the Tweed Dog Coat will keep your furry friend dry and warm! We have designed the dog coat using the same system as FORTIS waterproof coats!

They are manufactured using the combination of a choice of Tweed outers, paired with FORTIS incredible waterproof drop-liner, and for added comfort, fleece inner! We have used military graded Velcro to ensure the coat is secure during long walks as well as ease of adjusting the coats fit around the chest and belly. Each dog coat is windproof yet breathable!

Why not treat the dog to a coat like your smart jacket!

How it works

Select one of the size needed below. Once you have selected your desired size, you can select your cloth from our Cloth Gallery. Then it goes into production, depending on the selected, we allow for a lead time of 4-8 weeks. After all you can’t rush perfection!




Dog Coat Size Neck to Tail (A) Mid Width (B) Under Belly Strap (C) Cest to Tail (D)
9″ 9″ 15″ – 18″ 10.5″
13″ 12″ 20″ – 24″ 16″
17″ 15″ 22″-26′ 21″
21″ 18″ 24″ – 28″ 25″
25″ 21″ 28″ – 34″ 29″
29″ 24″ 30″ – 36″ 34″

Measurements Explained

Neck to Tail: This measurement is taken across the back of the Dog Coat, from the top of the dog coat to the bottom! If measured on a dog, from the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail.

Mid Width: This measurement is taken across the width of the Dog Coat. This would be the length of the dog coat. To understand the length of the dog coat, half the number which is stated on the chart,  place the measuring tape half way across the back of the dog and measure down to the number towards the floor.

Under Belly Strap: This measurement has been taken using the tightest and smallest placement of the belly strap. Please note, that the smallest setting allows for the Velcro to be attached where the coat will still be sturdy. If measured on a dog, place the tape around their middle and tighten it comfortably.

Chest to Tail: This measurement has been taken from the mid-point of the chest strap to the bottom of the coat. If measured on a dog, place the tape at the mid-point of the chest and measure back towards the tail.  


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